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exchanges the rule, that wasn't not. >> laws against hate speech and sexism sound reasonable, but they do more harm than good. that is our show, see you next week. . lou: good evening, major new development in the benghazi scandal. white house in full denial an incriminating e-mail written by senior advise roh advisor ben rd anything to do with benghazi, new obama strategy, refuse to answer questions, and devastating testimony from the top military commander to the ground, contradicting the white house story of what and when they knew it. we begin at white house, correspondents went after press secretary jay carney trying to get him to answer why the ben
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rhodes e-mail was released under a freedom of information act request for benghazi documents if as the white house claim its had nothing to do with benghazi, carney at seems looked haunted, and hunted and hounded and refuseed to answer that question. and referred correspondents to the state department, that is a mark of carney's confusion that e-mail originateed in the white house not the state department. >> you have to ask the state department about how they responded to the requests. you have to ask the state department about their process for stoppeding ting to foyeer requests, you can just read and decide, there is a state department foyer request. >> again. >> the white house -- >> the focus was on the talking points around the attack on benghazi. lou: carney's effort at denial and deception coming after the
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head of -- intelligence, testified before house oversight committee, told the committee that everyone on the ground on september 11, knew immediately that terrorists had attacked the the -- consulate and an ex and benghazi, and a video had nothing to do with that attack, assailants were identified as terbists wit ter -- terrorists s to al qaeda. >> the testimony laid bare uncomfortable facts. >> there was a hostile succession, no demonstration gone awry. >> retired brigadier general, testified that 7 hours into the benghazi assault they knew there was no connection to a protestor a internet video. >> it was early on in the
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evening of september 11. before 3:15 in the morning went. >> within hours sources tell fox a target list of assembleed. >> it was -- we felt it was an shareal sharia. >> to secretary of state hillary clinton's closest aide, including sheryl mills, the ambassador was sold share why wa sharia hasbeen responsible. mrs. clinton sent out a press release linking the video to the benghazi violence, mrs. clinton statement of the out of sink with -- sync with intelligence it was -- with the ben rhodes e-mail. testifying that state department did not respond quickly that night. >> it is not what they did in
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that situation, it is what they done do, they did not come forward with stronger requests for action. >> what was the mood -- the feeling? to save our people? >> it was desperation to be able to -- >> what. >> desperation to begin situational awareness and to do something. >> he was not in the operational al chain of command. >> meeting some who would like to distort your testimony, and suggestion tha that you are testifying we could have, should have done a lot more than we did because we had capabilities we did not use lies. >> this is -- utilize. >> this is not my testimony. >> thank you, general. >> we should have done more. and we owe it to the memory of the 4 people that are fallen. >> house speaker boehner -- statement that john kerry should
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come to the hill to testify. lou? >> katherine thank you. >> at the white house. nothing but silence from president obama. instead mr. robe own chose to send jay carney out to try to answer questions from white house press corps. carney claims that ben rhodes e-mail had nothing to do with benghazi, while taking another cheap shot at fox news, chief white house correspondent ed henry in his usual front row seat with the report. >> day two of white house press secretary jay carney under fire, sticking to hist key e-mail from ben rhodes to brief susan rice for sunday talk shows are not about benghazi. >> the e-mail was about protests round the rejoin. >> chargeing that credibility of president obama, and his top
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aides is on the line. >> it is not only now the needless and tragic deaths of 4 americans but it is a obvious cover-up by the white house. >> reporter: carney pushed back hard on that charge saying only part of e-mail mentions benghazi was taken from cia talking points, press secretary blamed garagbarrage of questions this k on fox, even though several news networks pressed carny. >> no we're res restaurant gate. >> only -- investigating it. >> only thing is this e-mail is a cut and paste from talking points to your disappointment and your boss' disappointment turned out to be produced by the cia. >> carney's points is that rode's e-mail is based on nonpartisan analysis, not a effort to she'll the president. -- sthaoeld the president she'l, stressed she was not talking
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politics the 34e78o downplayed talk of terror. advising rice to focus on antimuslim video and tell viewers quote that people have come to trust that president obama provides leadership that is steady and states man like. >> about what turn it over? >> it seems -- you would have to ask, state department about their process for responding to foyer question. >> run by secretary john kerry and not a rogue agency, officials were respondining to a lawsuit from the conservative group judicial watch for benghazi documents that were surplusinaed by -- subpoenaed by congressional republicans and turned over to the white house. >> they have to stkeurb it, the way to did that is pretend it was not about benghazi. >> carney -- thousands of pages about benghazi were turned over to congress. boehner said he may drag kerry back for more testimony. to explain why this e-mail was
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not initially shared. lou: pro russian protests turning violent in easter ukraine today of, antigovernment insurbgencinsurgence stoneed poo taught fought back with stun begin aids and tear gas. as a result of the ongoing crisis, nato second highest ranking official today said, nato members, should understand and begin treating russia as an adversary, china, also announcing it will conduct joint naval drills with russia in east china sea this month. the question arises, does that deepening military cooperation between russia and china also make china an adversary as well? we're coming right back. >> a day of dramatic development
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on capitol hill, in the benghazi scandal. the obama stone wall may be krurpcrumbling, two committee ms s will join us next.
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for when you get married, move into a new house, or add a car to your policy. personalized coverage and savings -- all the things humans need to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? lou: house arm services committee chairman challenging brigadier testimony that more should have been done to help americans in benghazi. saying -- joining us now, our
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guest members of house oversight committee who attended that hearing today, joining us now congressman blake paranthol, and congresswoman cindy loom is. thank you for joining us, the testimony, disconcerting in that no one asked for help during that entire tragic ordeal. >> lou, i wish that chairman mckeeon had been in our hearing and listen to what we heard from brigadier general retired lovell, he told us he was the institut institute in sy
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in real-time, the information as they had it coming in to them, they were not getting direction from civilian leadership, people they would normally hear from and receive direction from to respond. i asked him, what would normally be the response? his words were, go, go, go, i asked him why didn't they say go? a result four americans are dead. lou: and still, the question remains, we talk about civilian leadership as you just did. congressman, we still don't know where hi hillary clinton secrety of state was on the this, we don't know where president of united states was, we don't know why no one was as congresswoman reiterated no no one was saying, go, go, to assistance of fellow
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americans under attack in benghazi. >> that is the problem, general testified their training is to run to sound of gunfire, we talk about there not being resources, we didn't get resources on the way, we didn't know how long this was going to last. we should have had people, in the air, headed that direct, they could have been recalled, in the event that situation changed. but nobody started. and the question that bothers me the most, if america condition respond to an -- can't respond to an emergency endangering lives of our diplomats in the world in a matter of hours, there is something wrong, we all the to be ale -- ought to be able to get there. there. lou: made it clear he would listen dispassionately to what the general had to say and build a record, the record is clear yet we hear from chairman
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mckeoh, try following same talking points, and if you will, following same strategy as democrat members on your committee trying to dismiss want it capacity of the military to have wreaked. what in the world is going on -- is this committees both led by republicans at work or is there something else going on? >> blake and i are on oversight government reform. on that committee, we don't have an agenda we're following, the testimony, depositions, e-mails, written words, and the testimony we received live, and today's testimony from brigadier jane general lovell confirmed his written statements, they track with what ben rhodes' statement was.
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in other words while our people who in harm's way, and were reporting about the people who were in harm's way, were reporting it to washington, d.c., to the civilian leadership of this country, our civilian leaders were trying to figure out how to spin it for sunday news shows. lou: is there any question in our mind that the assets in italy, near libya, could have been diverted and brought to bear whether day which be jets or be special operations forces, to try at least to help those people who were being attacked by radical islamist terrorists? >> they didn't even start. >> lou: i understand, but do we have the want i capacity to do t
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very much seems to be the question, the tactic, that now your arm service committee chairman. >> i think we did have resources in place in italy, spain, and germany. and if we didn 't, we should have. and one take aways from this, is we need to eva evaluate our abiy to respond to a crisis anywhere in the world on short notice. a lot of people say this is about sticking it to the white house, or hillary clinton. no this is investigation, also serves to make sure that men and women who serve in our dip that diplomatic corps is feel seiche, like they have washington d.c. behind home, when they are out and hostile territory risking their lives for american interests. lou: congressman and congresswoman thank you so much. >> thank you, lou.
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>> absolutely. lou: time for a look at last night's on-line poll results. would you be more or less likely to vote for a former president's family memr. 87% said no. remember national average in most recent polling was 70% saying no this audience voted 87%. 13% of you said, well why not. i guess. at least you said yes. vote tonight, as we sort of try tto narrow in on this, do you believe jeb bush and hillary clinton will face each other in the presidential general election in 2 2016? cast your vote at lo loudobbs.c. later we'll have the quotation of the evening, it is a beauty. lou: nasa's administrator testifying before congress, blasting congress for paying russia to send our astronauts to international space station,
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those are administrator astronauts, he accused congress of being responsible for spending that money on them instead of american companies such as spacex, and orbital science here in nevada this is the same man who said his top priority as ordered by the president was to conduct muslim out reach, nasa not one of president's priorities, cut their budget, from $18.8 billion in 2009 o 2009 to $16.9 last ye. >> keep your eyes out for an exciting new book, "border war" my first thriller, my first fiction book, cowritten with jim born, accomplished writer. book debuts next week, may 6,
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hard cover ebook, audio book versions on-line for preorders, at books-a-million, barnes and nob element or to get links to all of those great booksellers, we're comes right back, border war! what a book! stay with us. >> nba bans owner donald sterling for life. metta world peace, a man who had his own brush with nba justice, tells us whether the punishment fits crime next.
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lou: the nba today talking about next steps in removing sterling as owner of los angeles clippers, a committee of 10 nba team owners talking for first time since sterling was baned for life from nba for making racist comments they just issued this statement, committee met via conference call to discuss process for termination of
10:25 pm
donald sterling's ownership, agrees to move forward as expeditiously as possible, and will reconvene next week, two-thirds of the 29 owners, are required to vote in favor to force sterling to sell, but stelinsterling said he mas no intention of allowing that sale, joining us now metta world peace. 15 years with the nba, played with lakers. and other teams, a founder of the artest media group, metta great to have you with us, it is, it look looks like sterlingl fight this will turn ugly. much uglier than anybody thought your thoughts? >> well, you know, he mas his own opinions, i'm sure. he is based it off the fact it was intrudeg privacy, and to
10:26 pm
record someone in their privacy of their home and comfort. i'm sure he thinks that is wrong, on the flip side, the brand of the nba. global brand, i'm sure owners and commissioner don't want anybody to think it is a racist league. so both parties have arguments. lou: i think you are right. and there is for example mark cuban, owner of mavericks saying, you know there is a very slippery slope when you take a person's statement, within the walls of their own home, and privacy of their home, and someone else, explodes whatever is said or done there. there. >> i thought he should have came right out. you know, i thought mr. sterling should have came right out, once that tape got aired nationaly, and i think he would have gave people more comfort if he would try to get support of their people but not saying nothing to the world, everyone wants to
10:27 pm
hear from him to see what he really thinks if he is sorry, if he does really feel that way, is he willing to change, because black people did not feel that way toward sterling, i didn't hate sterling, barkley don't hate sterling, lil' wayne didn't hate stirling the way his comments hated us, you know have you racism in this world, you have to address it. face-to-face, and if is okay to come in contact with spwho someo is racist, someone people don't know why they are raceist half the time, why not have that dielowing, and open it up. lou: -- dialogue and opening it up. up. >> are offering very wise once count not on only to don'taal sterlint everyone involved including nba, there so much anger, so much of a sense of urgency to simply get this behind everyone.
10:28 pm
the reality is, that your idea of a dialogue is a very wise piece of council, charles barkley, called sterling a jackass, i kind of think i am with barkley on this one, i think she has behaveed -- he has behaveed as a jackass. >> i think it is a good word, not as hateful, it is a good word, jackass because, i think that is what you know what mr. sterling is. and you know, jackass is change, i believe, i had a lot of problem in my career, suspensions, and a lost over $10 million in nba 8 years ago but i have changeed i came a long way, i am proof add a person, i do not believe i am only person that is improve as a person, i believe all people can do the same. lou: as we watch what looks like it will be a very tough contest
10:29 pm
between the nba, and sterling, how do you think it will work out? is there a -- is there you know, i hear in your council, that really to nba, and to sterling, the suggestion they work things out rather than move forward like this. is that what you are you suggestion? >> for me it is more not about the, of the nba -- business of the nba more about the 57, i person, i rail suggestions that sterling help sim leve -- himself, and od people he hurt, my daughter heard the come he made about the delicate white girl, and dal cat latino girl, her face was shocked, he could help other people by going out and speaking, between him and the nba, i don't' to get involved in
10:30 pm
that because i'm still a player, i'm coming back next year, i am staying out of that battle. lou: we appreciate you being with us, sage counsel, we're still at the points where a lot of people what punishment and revenge. and -- >> punishment never works we know that. hate on hate, and things like that it never works, it has never worked in history of america, dialogue is what we should push for not just in basketball, and nba and tpraobl but i-- football, dialogue, and communication is key in any relationship, i think people should stpart pushing more for that? metta, it is good to talk with a athlete who has a worldly, and world perspective, that i think is worth paying a lot of attention to, met. >> thank you, great.
10:31 pm
lou: you bet. story of evening. senate majority leader harry reid using sterling scandal for his own political purposes. he decided to go after washington redskins. that was convenient. >> i say to commissioner goodell, he is a good man, but it is time for this good man to act. remove the hateful term from your league's srobg abb vocabul. >> he might be considered something of an expert to hatefulness, we would like to point-out that senator, he first ran for senate in 1986, net worth $1.8 million which that climbed over 6 million now. now quotation of the evening, appropriate on this day where major general robert lovell told house oversight committee that u.s. government did nothing to
10:32 pm
help the americans caught in benghazi terrorist attack. he said, we didn't even try to stop terrorists from attacking our consulate in benghazi, we turned, to the nba. and michael jordan, who once said, i can accept failure, everyone fails at something. but i can't accept not trying. -- we're coming right back. >> governor jeb bush picks up a endorse am after struggling for his mother's endorsement. >> the a-time, mont monica crow, judy miller and brad blakeman. on a likelihood of a bush and clinton face-off
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lou: president george w. bush speaking out about 2016. he said he hopes that jeb runs for president. unfortunately for the bushes,
10:36 pm
hillary clinton is beating bush in his own home state according to latest poll. which shows florida voters would choose clinton over the former florida governor, 49 to 41% that is just one poll, we'll have a lot more polls before 2016, joining us, a team former member. >> radio talk show host, monica crawl icrowley and judy miller,e start with the dynasty, brad, this creates a awful conflict for you, there it is, how did you feel about dynastys whether they be clintons or bushes? >> i think the both families have served u.s. very well. but i think it is time for new leadership, i served two of the bushes. >> go brad. >> i think the world of jeb bush
10:37 pm
but i think that america deserves fresh, new faces, and jeb could still be a vital part of a run in 2016, helping the republican get elected, i have one, how about jeb bush as leader of the aren't party, coming -- republican party, powerful. >> how about jeb bush as education at secretary under a republican president, i agree with brad, and former first lady, barbara bush who said i think we've had enough bushes. >> she also said later as a mother would he is the best qualified. >> jeb is a smart man, in a country 300 million plus people we come up with other names beside bush and clinton. lou: a viewer wrote in, a nation of 300 million, we have it down to a gene pool that could fit in a dixie cup. >> it would be so easy just take
10:38 pm
out oil -- old talking points from before. lou: i think that american people are board with talking -- bored with talking points on both sides right now. let's turn to this, benghazi hearing today, in which, general lovell said, we did -- we were not asked to do i thin a thing,s there anyway you could imagine that is a forgive ineventiality tphre a crisis like that stkwhreu think today's hearing reflected pain he feels, everyone in military feels he was involved. but i think i have so stand with the chairman of the house arm services committee here who interviewed 12 people who said we really not in a position to get anyone there in time to make a difference. >> there are conflicting reports
10:39 pm
there were folks to tripoli and europe getting ready to go, they were getting reports of the attack. what general lovell was saying. lou: by the way no one knew at that time how many waves or how long the attack would go. >> a big outstanding question is, was there a stand down order given, if show, wh so who gave . lou: brad address the same question but also issue of stand down order. give us your reaction. >> my reaction is, that a terrorist attack on american personnel, and our consulate in benghazi deserve presidential attention, what we have yet on to do, is what the president did.
10:40 pm
where was he? did he give a stand down order? was he properly briefed? was he engaged. we don't know what happened. but one thing for sure, when america is under attack we run to the fire, we muster, we attempt to do something, the fact that nothing was done when we did not know what ultimate outcome would be, it tells you what you need to know, somebody, i believe, it would have to be the president for a decision like this, where was he, what did he do. >> i have more questions, first why were we not on alert there at that consulate. lou: because it was september 11. >> and because there had been this little terrorist group everyone that was worried about for a year in libya. but after the attack, why weren't troops flown in to fly the american flag, to protect the documents that cnn was picking up on the ground, and
10:41 pm
fbi 3 weeks later. lou: over 3 weeks lateer on the ground. can we agree that first of all there is no excuse that the first instinct was not by official washington, and the state department in particular, since it was responsibility, their first reaction should have been hell yes get somebody there and now, and then explain to me later why it couldn't be done, no one took even the most elemental step. >> two navy seals killed in line of fire took it upon themselves to act because they were getting no back up, this outrageous, where was the commander in chief. and you look to future, where was secretary of state, so many e-mails evolve around the state department. lou: we have an answer on the record, what difference does it make. >> hillary -- >> you will hear as we approach
10:42 pm
november 16. >> brad brea break man, you are- brad blakeman you are a great american, monica crawley and judy miller, all americans, brad, somehow i don't think i think, you are in third place in one respect bu but we don't get into that here. >> thank you so much. >> reminder to vote on our poll, do bluff that jeb bush and -- do you believe that jeb bush and hillary clinton will face each other in general election in 2016, vote on >> up next dow jones retreat slightly from yesterday's record high close before tomorrow's eig arely awaited article jobs -- april jobs report, moody's chief economist john hrupb ski will join us. stay with us. stick with innovation.
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lou: nancy pelosi watching our broadcast, uses our word of the evening from april 18 today, saying benghazi's development are subterfuge. wild we appreciate the minority leader's attention we have another word of the evening, a dumb break. latest poll on obamacare and democrats they adum adumbrate, o suggestion, and inmate, and fore shadow or prein prefigure an occurrence, vent or result. probably not please the minority leader much. >> on wall street today stocks mick.
10:47 pm
dow down 22, s&p down a section, nazdaq up 13, crude oil down 32 cents, gold down $12. and yield on 10 year, 2.61%. jobless claims rising, 344,000 last week, car sales rebounded up 8%, ford announceing chief operating officer mark fields will replace mulally as ceo when he retires this summer, directv shares up 4%. after being approached by at&t about a takeover. >> t-mobile up, exxono mil exxoe down with mixed quarterly results, joining me now, moody's capital marxist chief economist john lonski, the market seems settled. >> for now, my best guess that
10:48 pm
grudgeingly the market will move higher as year unfolds provideed that profits continue to grow, and interest rates remain low. lou: are you surpriseed how strong earnings have been to this points. >> i was looking for a gain of 1 to 2%, we're running 5 to 6%. small gain predicateed on sales lost in the harsh winter. lou: a see a more optimistic john lonski than last we talked? >> marginally, the economy is going to improve but in no means resemble what occurred in prior economic recoveries. lou: where are we in housing, in car sales? basics of the economy? >> car sales grew year-to-year, i want to add this is the 10th consecutive month in which the year-to-year increase for imports of greater than
10:49 pm
year-over-year gain for u.s. build models, however, on a month-to-month basis auto sales fell on a seaso seasonaly adjusd bases that tells me we're not going to see the same month-to-month jump by consumer spending we did in march? are we going to see jobs? >> we could see quite a few created. in the month of april. but it is uncertain whether they will be quality jobs, i would not be surpriseed they are biassed toward low side in terms of quality, as a result, income growth remains sluggish. lou: folks should just stay in the market? >> as long as profit give every indication of growing and fed will not begin to hike rates until summer of 2015, they might as well. lou: all right, might as well, john lonski thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: listen to my financial reports three times a day coast to coast on sale umradio network
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-- sal salem radio network, up , my commen commentary on coy cois stay with us, next.
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lou: a few thoughts on many unexplained so-called coincidences in the benghazi scandal, just a coincidence that cbs evening news last night ignoreed very story we chose to lead our broadcast with last night. is it also a coincidence that white house aide 20 rodes wrote
10:54 pm
an e-mail 3 days after the terrorist attack was he strongly stating he wanted susan rice to blame a video for what the white house knew to be terrorist attack? or was rhodes, on out right lie to the american people on 5 sunday talk shows? is it a coincidence white house since josr. staffer is david rhf seeks news, and the man pro drafted cia talking points, mike morell, is now working as a analyst for seek cbs news it mue a coincidence that morell is afilliated with beacon global strategys, a washington consulting firm with close ties to former secretary of state hillary clinton. whose name you may have noticeed is hardly mentioned by
10:55 pm
washington official dom in connection with benghazi terrorist attack. that too must be another in what must have become a very long line of coincidences. time for a few of your comments. a surprise for authors of e-mails, tweets and facebook post, you receive one of very first copys of my newer book "border war" my first thriller, written with hig my cowriter jim born, your thought, last night we asked if you would vote for a member of a former president's family, how did a country with over 300 million citizens end up
10:56 pm
with a gene pool of president potentials the size of a dixie cup, i love that. we'll send you two books for that one, maggie e-mailed, i do not think our country needs a family of kings and queens. >> bill said, maybe we should consider nba commissioner adam silver for president, he talks tough, and actually enforces the laws, and regulations. another double posting, we love to hear from you e-mail us, follow us on twitter g to our facebook page, links to everything at, thank you for being with us, be with us tomorrow, we're joined by jack keane. michael goodwin, among your guests, we hope to see you then, good night from new york.
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